My little bubble on the Internets turned 3 today!

My little bubble on the Internets turned 3 today!

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Unusual folding bike shrinks down to 60% the size of other models

8” wheels? I guess this won’t work on snow.

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Serena’s rape victim-blaming got everything wrong
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Wanna be like Ted? Getting the Mono…

We can’t wish it away can we?

As part of our nightly ritual, one of us reads to the kids before bedtime. It was my turn tonight and I was looking forward to it since we are currently reading the third Harry Potter book to Lucas. The chapter we read involved a Quidditch match and near the end Harry had to wave his wand and cast a spell while at the same time getting to the Snitch and winning it all for Gryffindor. Lucas was reacting the way any child would when their imagination is firing on all cylinders. You could see it in his eyes. He wanted to read another chapter but I had to tell him that he’ll have to wake up early for school tomorrow. 

Tonight, after reading the chapter and seeing Lucas off to bed, it struck me that if we can just wish things away or cast spells of good, everything would be alright. If only it were that easy, there never would have been a Newtown 27. And yet there are parents, husbands, boyfriends, who will have to wake-up everyday to the reality that part of them is lost forever.

And yet the blame game goes on. “If only there was one armed teacher in that school.” - say some. “If only there was a total ban on all guns.” - say others. Here’s what we do know, Dawn Hochsprung and Mary Sherlach made an attempt to stop the gunman. They slowed him down enough. Victoria Soto had the presence of mind to hide away her first graders and by at least speaking to the gunman, she shaved precious seconds for others to get to safety. Lauren Russeau, Rachel Davino, and Anne Marie Murphy were all there protecting their charges. None of them were armed and yet they all saved lives. If only we can be as brave as they were in the face of certain death.

After President Obama’s speech in Newtown tonight, there is hope that things will change. We can’t and should never forget what happened in Newtown and all the previous mass shootings. We can’t wish away the pain of grief for the twenty first graders who had so much ahead of them. We can’t wish it away, but we can and should do something. As the President said, it won’t be easy, but we will have to change. If nothing positive happens after this, shame on us all.

How to Get to Work Today

There is no bus between Manhattan and Brooklyn? Uh-oh.


Is your boss opening the office today and making you go to work? This is not a bad thing, necessarily, if you like your job, hate your kids, have cabin fever, or live in one of the dreaded Dead Zones, where no one has power and gangs of restless professionals roam the streets, wearing elaborate ceremonial jewelry crafted out of their now-useless electronics. No, the bad thing is getting to work.

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This is so deep on so many levels.



This is so deep on so many levels.

The Matt Romney EVIL CYBORG GIF:

There’s a Matt Romney?

I want to self deport right now. I want to self deport right now. I walt to self deport right now.

I want to self deport right now. I want to self deport right now. I walt to self deport right now.

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